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Papelless is a website based billing system which can be used to generate bills from phone, laptop or any other smart device. It helps to eliminate paper trail from any business, thus saving money and space at the same time. Papelless is more user friendly than any billing software of its kind. With the help of Papelless, there is no need of printing bills. The bills are generated automatically in the PDF format and can be downloaded directly using the Papelless application which is available for free on Play store and App store. Other than these extra ordinary features, Papelless costs only around a third of what other traditional ways costs. Thus we ask everyone to switch to Papelless to encourage paperless transactions and to do so, we recommend you to try our free demo. So what are you waiting for? Checkout Live Demo Now

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How we got started

Papelless was started as an attempt to eliminate the paper trail which is present in almost every business. A lot of money and space is wasted behind paperwork in every business.. The basic intention behind this project is not just to reduce, but to eliminate the paper trail. This vision of ours is achieved by developing a system which generates a bill automatically and enables the customer to download the bill on its own. This way, a lot of paper trail is eliminated and the process of transaction also becomes very easy.



Mr. Gaurav Jain

CEO and Founder

Mr. Gaurav Jain is our Chief Executive Officer and founder as well. He was one of the first persons who came up with an idea for this platform. He along with our Director Yash Sharma established this firm and brought his dream in to reality. Mr. Gaurav Jain holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce and has completed other foundation courses such as Chartered Accountant of India. He is an inventor and so he brings in a lot of new inventions to the table. Along with the inventions, he also holds great experience in managing clients amongst other skills which he learned while managing Import and Export business.


Mr. Yash Sharma

Director and Co-founder

Our young and dynamic director is from India currently living in Boston, United States and he brings in a lot of new ideas and dynamic strategies that have helped to bloom our business with in no time. Our Director holds Master in International Business and Master of Disruptive Innovation from Hult International Business School, San Francisco, US. Other than that, he also holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce and has an experience of 5 years to run the business experience for running a business and is well familiar with international business. With such a great team player on our side, we were destined to succeed.

Features of Papelless System

Papelless is equipped with various state of the art features. Some of these features are discussed below in details.

Easy of Access

Papelless is an easily accessible platform as it can be accessed literally from anywhere and at any time. Since Papelless is an online platform, it can accessed easily from laptop, computer, smart phone, etc.

Barcode Scanner integrated

Papelless is equipped with many state of the art features and one of these features is that the system is integrated with Barcode scanner. Every bill or receipt generated by Papelless comes with a unique QRcode.

Customized Theme

We have a customise theme option that lets them choose the theme for their profile. This gives the user an independence to choose on his own. So what are you waiting for, try out the new customise feature now.

Transactional SMS

As soon as the transaction is completed, the customer will receive a summary message on his registerd mobile number.

User Friendly

Our system is very easy to access and even simpler to handle. We here at Papelless likes to keep things simple and hence our system is also simple like us. Our services are designed such that anyone can use them easily without any confusion.

Effective and cost cutting

All our services are extremely effective and help to cut costs when utilised properly. While the main motto of this system remains to make the business transaction paperless, we have succeeded to reduce the excess use of paper in this process.

Manage your bills through app

When the bills are generated through our application, they are sorted and stored automatically. You can view your bills whenever you want and can download them as per your wish.

Customized report

With the papelless you can customized your own report and can select the date desire. All you need to do is to select 'from date' and 'till date' and you are good to go.

Multi user support

While designing the system, we have kept in mind that the system should support multiple users so that many people can access and use it accordingly at the same time.

Why to switch to papelless?

"By Opting the use of Papelless you get to SAVE as much as
₹ 9,600 annually."

Traditional Software Papelless Software
Per year Per month Per year Per month
Software Cost ₹ 7,000 ₹ 583.33 ₹ 7,992 ₹ 666
Printer Cost ₹ 1,000 ₹ 83.33 - -
Paper Cost ₹ 4,500 ₹ 375.00 - -
Ink Cost ₹ 2,100 ₹ 175.00 - -
Maintainance ₹ 1,000 ₹ 83.33 - -
Cartridge ₹ 2,000 ₹ 166.66 - -
Total Cost ₹ 17,660 ₹ 1,466.66 ₹ 7,992 ₹ 666

  • A General software of this sort cost around Rs.7000 annually.
  • Printer cost around 7000 and its work for 6 to 7 years approximately.
  • An average business generates around 100 bills per day.
  • A paper generated bill cost around 0.15 paisa per bill and ink used to generate this bill cost around 0.057 paisa per bill.
  • Maintenance cost of any printer is about ₹1000 annually.
  • The cartridge use in printer needs to be refilled after every 3 months and every refill cost around Rs.500.


There are three different packs from which you can choose.

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